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Tiffany Levy,
Event Designer
I love weddings! I love flowers, and I love Mississippi!

Event planning is artery. It can be very time consuming and labor extensive even for an experience planner. Now just imagine the stress and questions a client who has no knowledge of the industry is faced with. Especially, when you who hate hosting friends and family over dinner, the thought of making so many decisions gives you anxiety, and most importantly you have no clue about budgeting, color schemes, and vendor research. Yes event planning can be terrifying? But just because you have no interest in table setting, or you’re unaware which flowers will compliment the linens best; doesn’t mean that you do not want your guest to have amazing time. If party planning is not your forte, no biggie--just hirer an event planner!


At Xclusive Kollection, we take pride in creating elegant and timeless designs for dinner parties, weddings, non-profit fundraisers, and corporate affairs.  With your approval, our design team will turn your event into a phenomenon celebration.









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